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 Capt. Samuel Cherry's Company,

 Light Infantry,

2nd New Hampshire Regiment



Research Papers, Documents and Articles



Manual of Arms and Regulations for the Continental Army, written by Baron Von Stueben, used from 1778 through 1783

18th Century Material Culture Resource Center:

A vast compilation of images and information on a wide range of topics on material items (canteens, mugs, blankets, etc.), 18th century culture, and aspects of everyday life.

Each page has numerous photos of original artifacts and period images showing common aspects of 18th century clothing and items.

Orderly book of Adj. Jeremiah Fogg, Poor's 2nd NH Rgt., from Oct. 1775 to Jan. 1776

Journal of Dr. Lewis Beebe, assistant surgeon in the 2nd NH Rgt. on the campaign of 1776. This remarkable journal is full of detailed depictions of the Northern Army after the Battle of Trois Rivieres and the occupation of Ft. Ticonderoga and Mt. Independence. Includes many candid observations on the character NH officers and men, and leading officers of the army. A must read.

Research article by Historian John Rees on the common types of blankets used and issued in the Continental Army

Journal of Ebenezer Fletcher, fifer in Carr's Co., 2nd NH Rgt., in 1777. His journal begins at the retreat from Mt. Independence, details the battle of Hubbardton where he was wounded, his capture, recovery and escape.

Research article by John Rees on common forms of brush huts and shelters on campaign.

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