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 Capt. Samuel Cherry's Company,

 Light Infantry,

2nd New Hampshire Regiment



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Experience the life of a common soldier in the Continental Army. Using historically accurate clothing, uniforms and equipment, you can live 'in the field' as they did on campaign (minus the starvation and disease). Camping as they did, eating period correct rations (which are better than you might think), and train as they did using the same tactics and manuals.

Rev War history and reenacting is far from only the soldier's experience. Wherever the army went, even on military campaigns, so too did countless women, wives, and children. They were an inseperable part of the army (to Washington's dismay), travelling and camping with the army, drawing army rations, and in some cases even following the troops onto the battlefield.

We welcome all in reliving the history of the Revolution.

Whenever the army moved and camped, along with it went a caravan of civilians. Merchants sold their goods in makeshift shelters as army "sutlers", some worked as laundresses, seamstresses, or cooks, while civilian teamsters drove supply wagons or pack horses, volunteered as doctors or priests. Large encampments often held a wide variety of people and professions along with those serving as men-at-arms. Though principally a military unit, we welcome a range of historically accurate civilian impressions.

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