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 Capt. Samuel Cherry's Company,

 Light Infantry,

2nd New Hampshire Regiment



Lineage of the 2nd New Hampshire Regiment



     The 2nd NH Regiment was one of three regiments raised in New Hampshire for as part of the Continental (United States) Army. These troops were separate from the thousands of militia troops raised in NH, serving instead as part of the regular army of which George Washington was the overall commander.

The regiment was raised in May, 1775, though comprised mostly of 'minute companies' and other militia companies which had been already been formed and organized prior to the Battles of Concord & Lexington.
While most militia units served for limited campaigns from 3 weeks to 6 months, those of the Continental Army typically served from 3 years or even for the duration of the war.

The regiment continued to serve with noted distinction as part of the NH Brigade through some of the most celebrated campaigns of the war, and endured some of it's worst hardships.

Among their years of service the 2nd NH Regiment took part in the following campaigns and battles:

*The Siege of Boston - June 1775 to March 1776

*Arnold's March to Quebec and the Assault on the City - Fall and winter of 1775 (volunteers from the NH brigade were formed into a company under the command of Capt. Henry Dearborn).

*Retreat from Canada - Spring 1776 (members of Dearborn's Co.)

* Battle of Trois Rivieres - 1776

*Occupation and Fortification of Ft. Ticonderoga & Mt. Independence - Spring to autumn 1776

*Battle of Trenton - 1776

*2nd Battle of Trenton - 1777

*Battle of Princeton - 1777

*Encampment at Morristown - 1777

*Defense of Ft. Ticonderoga & Mt. Independence - spring to summer 1777

*Battle of Hubbardton - 1777

*Battle of Freeman's Farm (Saratoga) - 1777

*Battle of Bemis Heights (Saratoga) - 1777

*Encampment at Valley Forge - 1778

*Battle of Monmouth - 1778

*Sullivan's Expedition through PA - 1779

*Battle of Newtown - 1779

*Encampment at West Point & Hudson Highlands - 1780

*Lafayette's Expedition through VA (2nd NH LI Company under temporary command of Capt. Rowell) - Spring and Summer of 1781

*Siege of Yorktown and Assault on Redoubt No. 10 (by several NH companies serving as light infantry) - 1781

*Campaign against Loyalists and Natives in Upper State NY - 1782

*2nd NH combined with the 1st NH (which already had merged with the 3rd NH) to become the NH Regiment, serving to the end of the war - 1783


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